Opening Summer 2021

Earth-Friendly Hiking Gear

Empowering eco-conscious explorers to be prepared and make responsible choices when packing for a hike. These carefully curated products aim to keep our earth clean by reducing the single use plastics that can be found in many hiking products.

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Day Hiking Essentials

Not sure what to bring on a hike? We have you covered. Our hiking essentials are reusable or recyclable and prepare you for any day hike.

Eco Friendly First Aid Kit

Individually assembled, the items in this hiking first aid kit are carefully selected to decrease the use of single-use plastics that are found in conventional kits.

Sustainable Outdoor Clothing

Responsibly sourced fabrics make up our hiking neck gaiter that has multiple useful functions. A great piece of eco apparel to add to any hiking bag!


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Our Simple 3 Part Mission

1. Empower outdoor enthusiasts to mindfully prepare for hiking adventures.

2. Encourage responsible hiking by promoting Leave No Trace Principles.

3. Offer earth-friendly hiking products that minimize our impact on nature.

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