what is a neck gaiter

What is a neck gaiter?

We like to call them the ultimate hiking accessory and an essential piece of hiking equipment to have in your hiking kit. Neck gaiters are extremely versatile and have multiple useful functions to protect you from the changing cool or warm conditions while you are conquering the outdoors any time of year.

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What are the different ways to wear a neck gaiter?

10 ways to wear a neck gaiter

#1 Neck Warmer or Scarf: put it straight on and around your neck to keep you cozy and warm in cooler conditions

ways to wear a neck gaiter neck warmer

#2 Hairband: fold it over and wear it around your head to keep your hair out of your face as you conquer those summits 

ways to wear a neck gaiter, hairband

#3 Bandana or Headband: fold it over 1-2 times and wear it as a sweatband in warm conditions or keep your ears warm in cooler conditions

ways to wear a neck gaiter, bandanda or headband

#4 Face Cover or Mask: wear it snugly over your face to provide a basic face covering for dusty conditions or a mask consistent with the current CDC recommendations

ways to wear a neck gaiter, face cover

#5 Hood: wear it over your head and neck to stay warm in cooler conditions or protect your skin in areas with a lot of pesky insects

ways to wear a neck gaiter, hood

#6 Balaclava: protect your face, neck and head when the conditions are windy or dusty

how to wear a neck gaiter as a balaclava

How to wear a neck gaiter as a balaclava: put it on as a hood and then flip the bottom seam upwards and over your mouth and nose

#7 Sun Guard: wear it over your neck and secure it with a hat to provide protection from direct sun exposure

ways to wear a neck gaiter, sun guard

#8 Beanie or Hat: fit it snugly on your head for sun protection or warmth

ways to wear a neck gaiter, beanie or hat

How to wear a neck gaiter as a beanie or hat: put your head into one opening until it reaches your ears. Lift and stretch the other end, twist it and flip it over onto the first layer on your head.

#9 Hat Liner: wear it under a hat and use it as a sweat absorber or to prevent hat stains

ways to win a neck gaiter, hat liner

#10 Hairtie or Scrunchie: keeps your hair up in warmer conditions

ways to wear a neck gaiter, hairtie or scrunchie

What is the best fabric for a neck gaiter?

Most neck gaiters are made of polyester, which is produced by microplastics and can take around 450 years to breakdown. These microplastics can gradually shed to make their way into our bodies or pollute our earth.

Earth in Common Neck Gaiters are made of sustainably produced fabrics such as organic cotton and TENCELTM Lyocell fabric. This organic cotton neck gaiter composition provides moisture control, reduces bacterial growth and is ideal for sensitive skin. Get yours HERE.

Care instructions:

TENCEL Lyocell fabric should be washed in cold water and on a gentle cycle. Wash with other delicates, if available and hang to dry. Note that Tencel is naturally odor resistant so there is no need to wash the gaiter after every wear.


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